Now with a new fresh scent! (or Keeping up with the Lackies)

Hello there!  Welcome back to another exciting post on Chris Lackie – The Blog!

I’ve been away from this little corner of the internet for a while now, busy with the responsibilities of a parent with a young child, and a regular job that has required me to put in a lot of extra hours over the last while. But do not think I have forgotten about you!  I’ve actually been working on something that has turned out to be a fair bit larger than I had originally thought it would be, but that only means that when it’s ready (which will hopefully be soon-ish) it will be the greatest (or at least largest and newest) thing I have ever done! So keep your eyes open for that!

Speaking of things I am working on, I am also planning on doing another Funko Fight Club in the relatively near future (after the other thing I am working on is done) which will be functionally similar to the other versions, but with a twist (which isn’t much of a twist… it’ll just be… very slightly different)! To whet your appetite for that, I thought I would share a couple pictures of some of the Funko figures I have recently acquired.  First, let’s head to Sunnydale to see what’s going on near the Hellmouth!

From left to right: Oz, Willow, Buffy, Angel, Spike and The Gentleman (also featured - Silent Bob, because I am a terrible photographer)

From left to right: Oz, Willow,Buffy, Angel, Spike and The Gentleman (also featured – Silent Bob, because I am a terrible photographer)

It pleases me to no end that Buffy is holding a little tiny spike (not a euphemism), and that Spike has a scar on his eyebrow (just like the show!).  I think the people at Funko did a great job with these figures, but how does the first release (I assume there will be more) not include Xander? It’s like doing a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures and not including Donatello.  Xander is part of the Scoobies and he should have been included in the initial release.  I assume the lack of Xander figure will be rectified in the near future.

Now let’s move away from the Hellmouth and head to the literal hell on Earth that is Arkham Asylum!

There's nothing Batman likes better than being surrounded by his friends.

There’s nothing Batman likes better than being surrounded by his friends.

Of all the different versions I have, these may be my favourite renderings of Joker, Harley Quinn and Batman. Joker’s outfit and face are incredibly detailed (it’s hard to see, but Joker’s got a bunch of wrinkles on his forehead, and if you’ve played the Arkham Asylum games you would know why), Harley’s costume looks plain awesome.  They’ve even found a way to make Batman look like he’s wearing armour, which is consistent with the games. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the Poison Ivy and Killer Croc figures that are part of this line, but hopefully I’ll get my hands on them relatively soon.

Okay, lets change direction now and take a look at what is happening in my life.  First, Sarah has decided that the main floor of our house needs a new coat of paint.  Here is what our front hallway and foyer look like now.

It's blue now!

It’s blue now!

Beautiful, no?  My wife has excellent taste (which I guess means I also have excellent taste because I chose to marry her).

And did you guys know that Sarah and I have our own podcast called Our Kid is Asleep? You can download any or all of our episodes from iTunes (just search for Our Kid is Asleep!), or you can listen to the latest episode here:

Our Kid is Asleep! 6 – Keanu Reeves is the Greatest Actor of Our Generation

In this episode, we talk about the amazing acting of Keanu Reeves, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff, like telemarketing and furnace repair!

Moving on, earlier I mentioned my parental responsibilities.  Well, I feel I would be failing in those responsibilities if I did not share that our little baby boy is now one year old! This kid is practically a giant.  Take a look at how big he is now.


He’s the one on the left.

Super adorable, right? I guess that means that I am also super adorable since, you know, I helped make him.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again soon, but this time with something so huge it will blow your socks off!*

*Sock blowing not guaranteed.



Mr. Chris goes to Michigan (or How I Spent My Summer Vacation in Grand Rapids)

Hello Friends! Welcome to yet another post on Chris Lackie – The Blog!

My family and I recently returned from a trip to the fabled Americas, where we spent a few days visiting a friend in the magical land known as Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As with any trip to the U.S., the first step was crossing the border. Since we decided to visit my aunt in Windsor, we were going to be crossing at Detroit. Now, the last time my wife and I went through the Detroit border crossing the guard who “greeted” us was… how do I put this?… A dick. Here is how our conversation went:

Guard: Turn off the car and give me your keys and passports.

We turn off the car and hand him the keys and our passports.

Guard: Citizenship?

Us: Canadian.

Guard: What is your reason for coming into the United States?

Us: Visiting family in Sarasota, Florida.

Guard: How long will you be there?

Us: A week.

Guard: What’s in the car?

Us: Clothes and some granola bars.

Guard: What else?

Us: Nothing else.

Guard: What else?

Us: Uh… we have some CDs to listen to on the way.

Guard: What else?

Us: We have wallets with a small amount of cash.

Guard: What else?

Us: Nothing.

Guard: What else?

Us: Our clothes are in suitcases.

Guard: What else?

Us: We are also wearing clothes.

This went on for a long time as the guard continued to ask what we had in the car and we started listing the various items of clothing we were wearing.  This portion of the conversation concluded after we noted that we were both wearing shoes.

Guard: Pop the trunk.

Us: We can’t, you have to use the key.

Guard: Pop the trunk.

Us: We don’t have a button to pop the trunk. You have to use the key which you are holding in your hand.

Guard: Pop the trunk!

Us: We can’t. You have to use the key. You are holding it in your hand.

After successfully opening the trunk and going through our things (which I assume he did to ensure that our clothes were in fact in suitcases), the guard gave us our keys and passports and told us to go. Which we did very quickly.

Now this time around we were ready. My wife and I went over everything in our possession and made a list that we could easily recite to the border guard. We were prepared to tell him about every little thing that was in our car. If he wanted to know, we could have told him how many diapers and baby wipes we had. Here’s how the conversation went:

Guard: Passports.

We hand him our passports. I note that he did not ask for our keys.

Guard: Citizenship?

Us: Canadian.

Guard: Where are you going?

Us: Grand Rapids to visit a friend.

Guard: How long will you be there?

Us: Until Thursday.

Guard: What are you bringing with you?

Here we go. We prepped for this.

Us: Clothes, toiletries, baby toys…

Guard: Regular stuff?

Us: Uh… yes.

Guard: Good bye.

He handed us our passports and we drove away, happy that this border crossing was stress free. A great success! Our happiness was compounded by the fact that our son slept through the border crossing and most of the way to Grand Rapids!

We only got to spend 3 complete days in Grand Rapids (and it rained two of those days), so we didn’t get to see a whole lot, but we did manage to go to the Grand Rapids Art Museum which has an… interesting collection of pieces. They had an exhibit called “Michigan Modern” that looked at… things. For example, here is my wife looking at one of the pieces.



Fun fact: That is not a real window.

This exhibit also had old boats, tents and children’s play sets. It was not what you would call exciting. In their regular collection however, there was one piece that caught my eye.

More Art.

More Art.

I can’t remember the artist’s name or the name of the piece, but I think it was created by covering the canvases in charcoal and erasing part of it to create the smoke effect. I think it’s pretty cool.

The next day we made our way to a beach on Lake Michigan. It was super hot and the water was super cold, but we still had a good time. Here I am having a good time with my son.



Of course, as a Canadian one of my favourite things to do while in the U.S. is to buy things you can’t purchase in our home and native land. For example, I am a big fan of the different pops (sodas, for you Americans) that they have south of the border. Did you know that they have Coke Zero in vanilla and cherry flavour? They’re delicious. I am also a big fan of all the delicious breakfast cereals they have. You can get regular old Cap’n Crunch here, but in the U.S. you can get all these different flavours:

Aye Aye, Cap'n!

Aye Aye, Cap’n!

Can you believe they accidentally made a cereal out of just Crunch Berries? What a horrible (and delicious) mistake! And sprinkled donut flavour? I’ve always thought that Cap’n Crunch and donuts would make an excellent combination.

And as you all know, I am obsessed with Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. I took this opportunity to pick up some figures that are only available in the United States. I am especially proud of this one:

Stay Puft Mad!

Stay Puft Mad!

It’s Stay Puft and he has been lightly toasted! Isn’t that awesome! I also picked up some other guys, which I’m sure you’ll hear about in the near future.

And that is it for my Michigan adventure. So until next time…

Oh wait! I almost forgot.

Last week my wife and I celebrated 5 years of marriage (awww). To celebrate, we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It was really good. I found myself laughing out loud a lot and actually caring when bad things happened to good people (or walking trees). It was so good even my wife liked it (and she hates everything). Even if you don’t like these types of movies, there is a good chance you’ll like this one.

Okay, that’s all for now.


RESULTS – Funko Fight Club 2: Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals

The people have spoken and the winners of the Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals have been chosen!

We had a tie in our very first bout, with both Rocketeer and Pennywise getting two votes each.  I of course voted for Pennywise, which means he will be moving on to the next round (because I am the decider in such situations).

Vincent couldn’t dance his way out of trouble this time.  He got his butt handed to him by Jules by a vote of 4 to 0.  Sorry Vinnie, it just wasn’t your day.

The power of Bill Murray wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer awesomeness of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, with the big guy beating Peter Venkman by 3 votes to 1.

And in the final contest, Spock Vulcan nerve-pinched Captain Kirk into submission, garnering 3 votes to Kirk’s single vote.

Tune in tomorrow to see the match-ups for the super top secret bracket!  Who will be fighting for our amusement?  Come back tomorrow to find out!


A great-grandson meets his great-grandfather, a man reads some comic books, and then that same man buys some toys

Hello friends!  How are things?  Good?  That’s super, I’m glad I asked.  Is something different about me?  Did I cut my hair?  No, but it did grow some.  That’s probably what you noticed.

Things have been pretty good for me lately.  This past weekend my wife and I took our son to meet my side of the family.  The little guy got to meet a grandma, a grandpa, an aunt, two great aunts, a great uncle and his first cousin (I think… I don’t know how cousins work).  What did we all do, you ask?  Why, we watched Sharknado, of course.  Finally, a movie the whole family can enjoy.  And if that wasn’t cool enough, our baby boy got to meet his great grandpa.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen my son so happy.  He smiled the entire time his great grandfather held him and he even giggled a little bit.  The two of them looked adorable together.  Do you want to see a picture?  Of course you do.


In addition to all the family fun, I got to do something that I haven’t been able to do as much since my wonderful son was born.  I am of course referring to reading a butt load of comics.  I managed to get through Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 9: volumes 3 and 4, as well as the Marvel event comic Avengers Vs. X-Men.

It’s been a while since I read the first two volumes of Buffy Season 9 (and even longer since I read Season 8), so I was happy to get back into the Buffyverse.  Season 9 is a little more grounded than the crazy, anything-can-happen Season 8 (in which Buffy and Angel have sex and literally create another universe… or something like that) and I think it makes for better comics.  In volume 3 (called Grounded), Buffy works as a personal security guard and fights a giant tentacle monster (which is pretty much all you need to know) and this is followed by a charming story of a young gay man who trains to became a male slayer (which, if you know the history of the slayers, is something that doesn’t happen). In volume 4 (called Welcome to the Team), Buffy has to fight a slayer-turned-vampire (which is an awesome idea) and deal with a big bad who sucks energy from supernatural beings.  Also, one of the original scoobies goes rogue.  It’s a dark time.

Overall, these Buffy books are awesome.  Pure awesome.  If you liked the show you owe it to yourself to read these books.

As I mentioned, I finally got around to reading Avengers Vs. X-Men.  As far as so-called event comics go it was pretty good.  This limited series utilized numerous artists and writers over the entire 13-issue run.  Now normally that sort of thing would bug me a lot.  I hate when different artists work on the same story.  I always feel it breaks up the storytelling.  And having different writers work on the same story is a pain because everyone has their own style and sometimes the styles don’t work together.  All that said, I think all the art and the writing style work well enough together that if you weren’t paying attention, you may think that the same creative team worked on every issue.

If you like event comics you’ll probably like this one.  I liked it because (spoilers) it has not just one person with the power of the phoenix, but five of them!  If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.  Also, this book is way better than Age of Ultron, which was a waste of time to say the least.

In other news, I recently picked up some new Funko Pop Vinyl Figures.  First, I picked up this awesome Christian Bale Batman figure.


If you’re keeping count, I now have 4 different Batman Funko figures.  It’s a real crisis of the infinite Batmen in my house.

And in what may be the greatest purchase I have ever made, I finally picked up New Jersey’s most popular drug dealers.


It’s Jay and Silent Bob!  Snootch to the nooch, am I right?

With these new characters the next Funko Fight Club is shaping up to be a doozy.  It’s going to be awesome.  Whenever it ends up happening.

So that pretty much sums up what’s going on in my life right now.

Oh I almost forgot.  While visiting my family I went for a walk and kicked a vampire in the nards.  But more on that later.


Giving Birth: A Male Perspective – Part 2: Even More Perspective

Hello Everyone!

In my last post I discussed the birth of my son.  In short, it took a long time and was really gross, but both my wife and I were happy with the end result.  Now I am going to discuss what happened when I officially became a parent.  Like last time, I will start off by saying that everyone who helped us at the hospital was great, and by no means should anything I say be taken as a slight against the hospital or its staff.

Once the little guy came out I was suddenly very aware of how many other people in the room.  There was me and my wife (obviously), the doctor who delivered our baby, another doctor watching our baby be delivered, two nurses (one encouraging Sarah to push, another… doing something I can’t remember), and four people from the critical care unit… or was it intensive care?  My memory is already failing me.  Anyway, when my son was born he was immediately carried over to the critical (or intensive) care people so they could suck the poop out of his mouth and nose before he took a big breath (that’s a thing, apparently).  While they cleaned him up, Sarah and I just looked at him.  I was already enthralled, and I’m sure my wife was too. That, and exhausted.  After a few moments they offered him to me.  I was incredibly nervous.  I walked around my wife and the doctors that were tending to her, and made my way over to him (careful not to look at what the doctors were doing… I know there are some things you can’t unsee).  As I held him for the first time, I was amazed by how alert he was.  His eyes were open and clear, and he seemed to be giving me the “shifty eyes”.  My first thought was that my son was evil, but then he peed on me, which made me realize he’s just a practical joker. 

I walked him back around the doctors who were tending to my wife (still careful not to look at what they were doing) and took extra care not to slip on any of the fluids that were all over the floor (yup… that’s a thing you have to worry about).  I held him for a few moments and then passed him over to his mom, which was awkward because she was still lying on her back.  Even so, she still managed to hold him for a few minutes. 

When they were done with Sarah and baby, we got a chance to relax by ourselves (with the exception of the nurse assigned to us) in the birthing room before heading to the “Mother-Baby Unit”.  After moving to the new unit, I realized we were spoiled in the birthing room.  The birthing room was private and I had a place to sleep.  No such luck in our new room.  The recovery room was semi-private and there was nowhere for yours truly to sleep.  For the first night, we shared the room with another couple with a newborn (who will forever have parents who don’t seem to get along and a father with a face tattoo… poor kid).  Luckily on the first night we had a nurse who didn’t mind bending the rules as I got to sleep on a gurney mat on the floor next to Sarah.  What amazed us was how quiet our son was.  Even with another baby in the room screaming (which was all the time), our guy barely made a peep.  It was actually a bit of a relief on the second night when our son woke up screaming.  It was nice to know that if he was hungry, he’d let us know.

What wasn’t nice was that on the second day our little bundle of joy wasn’t eating enough, which resulted in him having low blood sugar.  This meant the pediatrician and the nurses wanted him to stay in the hospital for another day.  This sucked because it meant we’d have to stay an extra day in the hospital, and, more importantly, I believed I had already failed as a parent.  How could I have done so poorly that my son already had a medical problem?  As it turned out the solution was as simple as supplementing his meals with formula, but for a moment I really thought I was the worst parent ever.  What I learned from this experience is that breast feeding doesn’t exactly come naturally to babies.  I mean, they know that they are hungry and they know that they need to suck to eat, but they don’t necessary know that they need to keep sucking in order to get food from their mom who isn’t producing a ton of milk (or as I also learned, milk-like substance… because women don’t automatically start producing what the average joe would consider milk).  In fact, there were two different “lactation consultants” who gave Sarah advice on how to feed our baby and how to produce more milk.  Who knew such a position existed?

Our stay was pretty uneventful after that. Our poor little guy had to undergo regular tests to check his blood sugar levels, but in the end he was fine.  I didn’t get the gurney mat the second night, so I tried to sleep in a chair.  When that failed, Sarah and I tried to share her bed, which was moderately more successful than the chair, but still terrible.  The next day I went home to grab a camping mat to sleep on the third night.  It wasn’t as good as the gurney mat, but way better than the chair. 

We were finally able to bring our son home on a Wednesday.  For those of you keeping track, we checked into the hospital on a Friday, which means we spent a total of 5 nights in the hospital.  It was a long time, but totally worth it.  I was thrilled to give our little guy a tour of his home.  He is a big fan of my Funko Pop Vinyl Figures.  I know this because it was the only part of the tour he didn’t sleep through.

So that’s how it all went down.  It was a long process (especially for my wife), but I don’t think we would change anything.  Except for the fact that our son likes to sleep during the day and be awake all night.  I really wish we could change that.


Have you seen my sweet beard?

So, I am not a dad yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started to prepare.  In honour of my upcoming fatherhood I decided to grow a sweet dad-beard.  Have you seen it yet?  Check it!



Move over Abe Lincoln, your beard is so four score and seven years ago.  That was some timely humour right there.  Booya!

Our baby was due this past Sunday, which means we are in the overtime period of life without children.  To make the most of it, we decided to watch kids kill each other in a dystopian world where the youth are forced to battle to the death for the amusement of the masses.  After finishing A Charlie Brown Christmas, we went to go see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

I remember when I saw the first Hunger Games, I was struck by how jarring it was to watch children viciously attack each other. This one doesn’t have that, but it does have a fair bit of (strangely misplaced) humour and what can best be described as a relatively lacklustre climax.  That said, it’s still a pretty entertaining movie (especially for a middle act) due in large part to its strong cast.  I really enjoyed the performances of Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks and, of course, Jennifer Lawrence.  How can any man not be a fan of Mystique?  Don’t worry guys; she’s 23, so it’s okay to have a crush on her… I think.  Anyway, if you liked the first Hunger Games, you will probably like this one.  Or maybe not.  What do I know?

Switching gears from killing people for entertainment and keeping poor people afraid (frowny face) to vinyl toys (happy face) I have recently picked up some new Funko Pop Vinyl Figures for my collection.  Check them out!


Here we have a Harley Quinn and a Batman Beyond (I realize that Batman Beyond is the title of a TV show and that this character is just Batman, but that’s what Funko decided to call the figure) bookended by two Heath Ledger-based Jokers. These guys are cool, but check out my favourite acquisition:


That’s an Adam West Batman in an old-school Batmobile.  Cool, right?

With all these new figures I now have in my possession, I can smell another Funko Fight Club coming up.  Maybe it’ll happen once I get my hands on this guy:

judge dredd

Or maybe these guys:


Snoogins, am I right?

Either way, there will probably be a Funko Fight Club in the near future (because it is fun and I have very few original ideas).

Well I think that wraps things up for this week.  For the sake of my wife, I hope that the next time I write I will have a little bundle of joy to talk about.


Funko Fight Club: A Champion is Crowned!

This is it.  The moment you have all been waiting for.  Blood has been spilled.  Tears have been shed.  It has been a long and arduous journey, but now the masses have spoken and we have our first ever Funko Fight Club champion!

Wonder Woman and Splinter have fought each other tooth and nail, but one has emerged victorious.

The winner of the first ever Funko Fight Club is…





Oh wait… um… that’s not right… hrm… let me see here… Ah, ok here it is…

The real winner of the first ever Funko Fight Club, winning by a vote of 12 to 10, is…






wonder woman

Cue hero music!!

Congratulations to WONDER WOMAN!  The first ever Funko Fight Club Champion!

I had a lot of fun doing this.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  And I want to give a very special thank you to whoever runs the Funko Twitter account for all their support.

Funko Fight Club may be over, but feel free to keep coming back to Chris Lackie – The Blog.  I try to add something new every week.  Sometimes it’s even funny.  And sometimes… I may even make you think.

Just kidding!  Who likes fart jokes!?!?!