RESULTS – Funko Fight Club 2: Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals

The people have spoken, and now we know who has survived the Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals of Funko Fight Club 2!

Health Ledger Joker absolutely destroyed Christian Bale Batman by a vote of 6 to 0.  While I usually pout when a Batman loses, this one doesn’t bother me that much.

In a result that completely defies logic, Superman defeated General Zod by a vote of 5 to 1.  Really?  How am I the only one who voted for Zod?  Didn’t you guys see Man of Steel?  Whatever.  I’m not mad, I’m just really disappointed in all of you.

Looks like Joker’s main squeeze won’t be moving on, as Deadpool beat up on Harley Quinn by a vote of 4 to 2.  (Is it bad form to say that a male character “beat up on” a female character?  Please don’t write any letters.)

And in the most thrilling contest of Funko Fight Club 2 so far, we have a tie between Judge Dredd and Adam West Batman who each received 3 votes!  In the case of a tie, the winner is the character that I voted for.  So in the battle between Judge Dredd and Adam West Batman, the winner is….












Shocker, right?!?!  You thought I would have voted for Adam West Batman, but you are wrong.

What a thrilling conclusion to this round of Funko Fight Club 2!  Come back on Monday, July 7th to see who will competing in the Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals!


Funko Fight Club 2: Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals

Welcome to the Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals of Funko Fight Club 2! If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here, but basically, this is a series of fights between Funko vinyl figures where you choose the winner. Previously, we saw Adam West Batman and Captain Kirk earn the right to participate in the tournament proper. You have until 9 PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 4th to pick the winners of the battles below.

So here we go with the Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals of Funko Fight Club 2! Let the best figures win!

Christian Bale Batman vs Heath Ledger Joker

bale ledger

Were you one of the many people who wanted the Joker to win in The Dark Knight? Well, now is your chance to change history! It’s the greatest Joker of all time going up against one of the greatest Batmen (as long as he keeps his mouth closed). Who will emerge victorious? You decide!


Superman vs General Zod

superman zod

Look, we all saw Man of Steel; the Zack Snyder reboot of the Superman film franchise. We all know what happened in the end. We all know it was stupid. Here is another chance to change history! I try to stay neutral in these Funko Fight Club battles, but I just can’t do it this time. Who is going to win this fight? Zod. It damn well better be General Zod.


Harley Quinn vs Deadpool

harley quinn deadpool

Deadpool is going up against a former psychiatrist, which is a good thing because he definitely needs his head examined. That said, this particular doctor is likely to just shoot him instead. Both are dangerous. Both are deadly. And both are more than a little nutty. Which nut is going to crack? It’s all up to you! The only thing certain in this battle is that it’s going to be epic!


Judge Dredd vs Adam West Batman

dredd west

In this contest we see the premier judge from Mega City One take on the (not really) Dark Knight of Gotham. Will Judge Dredd take it easy on one of his fellow purveyors of justice? Absolutely not! Dredd hates vigilantes, and now he is dealing with one of the most… campy. Will the Lawgiver lay waste to the utility belt, or are Batman’s old-timey toys too much for even the baddest of bad ass cops? Only time will tell.


So there it is, folks!  Come back on July 4th to see who makes it to the next round of Funko Fight Club 2!


RESULTS – Funko Fight Club 2: Play-in Matches

We have our first winners of Funko Fight Club 2!

Adam West Batman defeated Terry McGinnis Batman by a narrow margin of 3 to 2.  Guess old-timey goodness beat out technological advancement this time around.

And in the other battle, Captain Kirk thumped the Klingon by a vote of 4 to 1 (as if there was ever any doubt).

What a thrilling start! Thanks to everyone who voted.  Tune in tomorrow for the match-ups for the Comic Book Bracket Quarter-Finals, and help decide who will move on to the next round!


Funko Fight Club 2: Play-in Matches

Welcome to the beginning of the Funko Fight Club 2! If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here. But basically, this is a series of fights between Funko Vinyl Figures where you choose the winner. You have until 9 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 2nd to pick the winners of the battles below. The winners of these contests will move on to the tournament proper which begins later this week.

So here we go with the play-in matches of Funko Fight Club 2! Let the best figures win!

Comic Book Bracket Play-in Matches:

Terry McGinnis Batman vs Adam West Batman

Batman mcginnis vs west

It’s a battle of the Batmen! It’s the Batman of 1966 going up against the Batman of the future! The winner of this battle may seem obvious. I mean, Terry McGinnis is Batman Beyond! He has rockets in his boots and he has every other futuristic weapon that you can imagine. And look at that menacing growl! But Adam West does have something that Terry McGinnis doesn’t: A sweet ride. Vote now!


Movies and TV Bracket Play-in Match:

Captain Kirk vs Klingon

kirk klingon

It’s James Tiberius Kirk versus a generic Klingon! How many Klingons has Kirk taken out in his day? I have no idea, but I know he didn’t have to deal with any of the Klingons with the forehead ridges (you know, like Worf). At least, I don’t think he did. Anyway, set phasers to stun (or fun, or whatever it is you set phasers to) and get to picking who will win this epic battle!

Come back on July 2nd to see who wins these matches!


Have you seen my sweet beard?

So, I am not a dad yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t already started to prepare.  In honour of my upcoming fatherhood I decided to grow a sweet dad-beard.  Have you seen it yet?  Check it!



Move over Abe Lincoln, your beard is so four score and seven years ago.  That was some timely humour right there.  Booya!

Our baby was due this past Sunday, which means we are in the overtime period of life without children.  To make the most of it, we decided to watch kids kill each other in a dystopian world where the youth are forced to battle to the death for the amusement of the masses.  After finishing A Charlie Brown Christmas, we went to go see the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

I remember when I saw the first Hunger Games, I was struck by how jarring it was to watch children viciously attack each other. This one doesn’t have that, but it does have a fair bit of (strangely misplaced) humour and what can best be described as a relatively lacklustre climax.  That said, it’s still a pretty entertaining movie (especially for a middle act) due in large part to its strong cast.  I really enjoyed the performances of Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks and, of course, Jennifer Lawrence.  How can any man not be a fan of Mystique?  Don’t worry guys; she’s 23, so it’s okay to have a crush on her… I think.  Anyway, if you liked the first Hunger Games, you will probably like this one.  Or maybe not.  What do I know?

Switching gears from killing people for entertainment and keeping poor people afraid (frowny face) to vinyl toys (happy face) I have recently picked up some new Funko Pop Vinyl Figures for my collection.  Check them out!


Here we have a Harley Quinn and a Batman Beyond (I realize that Batman Beyond is the title of a TV show and that this character is just Batman, but that’s what Funko decided to call the figure) bookended by two Heath Ledger-based Jokers. These guys are cool, but check out my favourite acquisition:


That’s an Adam West Batman in an old-school Batmobile.  Cool, right?

With all these new figures I now have in my possession, I can smell another Funko Fight Club coming up.  Maybe it’ll happen once I get my hands on this guy:

judge dredd

Or maybe these guys:


Snoogins, am I right?

Either way, there will probably be a Funko Fight Club in the near future (because it is fun and I have very few original ideas).

Well I think that wraps things up for this week.  For the sake of my wife, I hope that the next time I write I will have a little bundle of joy to talk about.