Hit-Girl’s Halloween Horror

Here is my submission for the 2016 Millarworld Annual Contest. I didn’t win, but it sure was fun to write!




Panel 1: Open in the evening with an establishing shot of the front of a house in a typical suburban neighbourhood. The property has a nice lawn, neatly trimmed hedges, and a stone path leading up to the front door. There is nobody in frame.

  1. NARRATION (MINDY): I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit in my life.

Panel 2: An elderly gentleman’s POV. He is sitting down at his dining room table eating dinner. He is looking down at his meal, which is just a piece of unidentifiable bloody-rare meat with a few bites missing. On the table, there is a glass of red wine and a half-empty wine bottle. There is a sense that this person is eating human flesh. The doorbell rings.

  1. SFX: ding dong
  1. NARRATION (MINDY): My daddy gave me the tools to deal with fucked up shit.

Panel 3: Close on the elderly gentleman’s mouth, which is stretched in a thin, eerie grin. He is dabbing the corner of his mouth with a napkin. There is a bit of meat juice (which looks like blood) on his face.

  1. NARRATION (MINDY): But nothing I learned prepared me for this.
  1. NARRATION (MINDY): Still, I know what it takes to be a good soldier.

Panel 4: Close on Mindy’s face. She is standing outside the front door, which the elderly gentleman has started to open. The light from inside the house is highlighting a strip of Mindy’s face that runs from her hair, over one of her eyes, and down to her chin. The light appears to be revealing the purple wig and eye mask of the Hit-Girl costume, but otherwise the rest of Mindy’s face is covered in shadow. Her highlighted eye looks intense and focused, making it seem like Hit-Girl is getting ready to bust through the door and kick some ass.

  1. SFX: creeeeeak


Panel 1: Pull back into the house to look through the open front door at a frowning, uncomfortable Mindy wearing a gloriously over-the-top fairy princess costume. It includes things like a big purple wig with matching eye mask, a plastic tiara, and a big sparkly-pink puffy dress that has a set of rainbow-coloured fairy wings attached at the back. In one hand, Mindy is carrying a long golden wand with a star at the end of it, and in the other hand, she is carrying an orange plastic jack-o’-lantern candy bucket. She is holding the bucket out, waiting for the elderly gentleman to put some candy in it. The elderly gentleman, who looks like the world’s friendliest grandfather, is holding a small bowl of candy.

  1. NARRATION (MINDY): …a goddamn fairy princess.
  1. MINDY: Trick or treat.

Panel 2: Cut to Mindy walking back down the path towards the sidewalk, where her mom (Kathleen) and her step-father (Marcus) are waiting for her. Mindy is looking down into her candy bucket and is very clearly unimpressed. In stark contrast, Kathleen and Marcus look incredibly happy.

  1. MINDY: Seriously? A single unwrapped gumball?
  1. MARCUS: Uh… Awesome?
  1. MINDY: Well, if by awesome you mean completely bogus, then yes, it is awesome.

Panel 3: Close on Mindy and Marcus, with a concerned Marcus on one knee and his hand on Mindy’s shoulder.

  1. MARCUS: Hey, what’s with the attitude? You’re not still upset about your costume, are you?
  1. MINDY: Why, yes I am, Marcus. It’s… a bit much for me. And I still don’t get why I couldn’t be a ninja assassin.
  1. MARCUS: Mindy…

Panel 4: Cut to a flashback with Mindy in her Hit-Girl costume. She has never looked more thrilled. She is stabbing a well-dressed mobster in the back of the head with two swords, and they have come out through his eye sockets. It’s a gory scene, with one of the mobster’s eyes dangling off the end of one of Hit-Girl’s swords. Blood is spurting from the mobster’s face and he looks as if he is screaming in terror. The mobster is shooting his gun widely in the air, not even coming close to hitting Hit-Girl.

  1. CAPTION (MARCUS V.O.): …I think you know why not. Besides…


Panel 1: Cut back to the present with Marcus, who has a warm smile on his face, standing next to Kathleen. He is looking down at Mindy, while Kathleen is looking down the street, off panel. Mindy isn’t looking at either of them. Her arms are crossed and she still has an unimpressed look on her face.

  1. MARCUS: …look at how adorable you are.
  1. KATHLEEN: Marcus, there are the Johnsons. Let’s go say hello.
  1. MARCUS: Sure thing, hun. Mindy, your mom and I will meet you in a few houses.

Panel 2: Switch angle to behind Mindy, whose body is turned towards Kathleen and Marcus as they walk towards their friends. There is a commotion behind Mindy, so her head is turned to see what is happening. Both Kathleen and Marcus are far enough away (and laughing so much) that they don’t hear what is going on behind Mindy.

  1. MINDY (NARRATION): Yeah, I’m adorable, all right. I look like I was shit out by a unicorn. Christ, I really want to hit something.
  1. VOICE (FROM OFF PANEL): Gimme that!
  1. MINDY: Huh?

Panel 3: Switch angle to show Mindy looking down the other end of the street where two boys are in a tug of war over a pillow case full of candy. One boy is about Mindy’s age and height, and is dressed in a pirate costume (Pirate Kid). The other boy is about a foot taller and a couple years older than Mindy, and looks like a total hard-ass punk (Punk Kid). He has a number of distinguishing features like a mohawk, numerous facial piercings and a black leather jacket.

  1. MINDY (NARRATION): Oh, sweet Odin. You are as generous as you are wise.

Panel 4: Cut to the angry Punk Kid ripping the pillow case out of the poor little Pirate Kid’s hands. The Pirate Kid is incredibly upset and has tears streaming down his face. Mindy isn’t in the frame.

  1. PUNK KID: I said gimme that candy, you little fuck stain!

Panel 5: Mindy is now standing directly in front of the Punk Kid, who is so much taller than her that he is almost looking straight down at her. Mindy is defiant, while the Punk Kid is dripping with the arrogant confidence that he could kick Mindy’s ass if he wanted to.

  1. MINDY: Give that back!
  1. PUNK KID: Make me, skank. Nice costume, by the way. You look like you were shit out by a unicorn.
  1. MINDY: Yeah…


Panel 1: Close on Mindy and the Punk Kid to show an incredibly gruesome image of Mindy smashing her jack-o’-lantern bucket into the Punk Kid’s face. The bucket explodes with jagged pieces of orange plastic getting stuck in the Punk Kid. There is blood and candy everywhere.

  1. MINDY: …tell me about it.

Panel 2: Close on a crying Punk Kid (who is now on his knees) to give a good view of how badly Mindy has messed up his face. The Punk Kid is looking at his hands, as if examining them after holding his face. There is blood dripping off his face and fingers. Behind him, Mindy is picking up the pillow case full of candy, which now has some blood on it.

  1. PUNK KID (QUIET, WEAK): …my face…
  1. MINDY: Relax, drama queen, you’ll be fine.

Panel 3: Cut to Mindy handing the Pirate Kid the pillow case full of candy. Mindy is happy, knowing she did a good deed, while the Pirate Kid looks incredibly surprised. He couldn’t have imagined what he’s just seen.

  1. MINDY: Well, here you go, kid. Don’t eat it all at once.
  1. CAPTION (KATHLEEN V.O.): Where’s your candy, Mindy?

Panel 4: Cut to Mindy meeting up with Kathleen and Marcus further up the street. Kathleen has a warm smile and Mindy has a big wide grin as they talk to each other. Marcus is suspicious of the fact that Mindy no longer has her candy bucket, but he doesn’t say anything.

  1. CAPTION: Down the street:
  1. MINDY: My candy? Oh, I… gave it to a boy that needed it more than me.
  1. KATHLEEN: That’s so sweet of you! I hope it was still worth coming out.
  1. MINDY: Totally, mom…

Panel 5: Cut to the Punk Kid lying on the ground, holding his face and sobbing. The Pirate Kid is bent over the Punk Kid, robbing him. In one hand, the Pirate Kid has a wad of cash that he just took from the Punk Kid, and he is using his other hand to search another of the Punk Kid’s pockets. At the same time, the Pirate Kid is looking around to make sure no one is watching. The pillow case full of candy is sitting on the ground nearby, completely ignored.

  1. CAPTION (MINDY V.O.): …I think I really made that kid’s night!
  1. PUNK KID (QUIET, WEAK): …*sniff*… *sob*…