Ottawa Comiccon 2015 – Day Two!

Welcome back!

The second day of Ottawa Comiccon started with a delicious breakfast that was prepared by my beautiful wife, Sarah. Nothing beats a Johnny Cake (which is basically cornbread with sausage in it). Yum yum yum! Not only did my wife make me a breakfast of champions, she fed a bunch of our friends as well! That is why Sarah is the best person in the world. I highly suggest you get your own Sarah to cook for you too.

Speaking of Sarahs, I ran into one of my favourite cosplayers, Sarah Boutcher, early in the day. Here is a picture of her in an awesome Winter Soldier costume, and me in a sweet Green Arrow t-shirt.

Me and the Winter Soldier

Me and the Winter Soldier

After walking around the convention floor for a while, our little group decided to head to the Wil Wheaton Q&A session. In answering a question from the audience, Wil got into some of the mental health issues he dealt with when he was younger, and how playing board games with friends helped him get through some tough times. I know what he means. Playing games with friends helped me through some tough times when I was a kid as well. Friends really are the best medicine.

The Wheat

The Wheat

Once we were done being entertained by the man who played Wesley Crusher, my group of friends and I attended the cosplay does not equal consent panel. The message is pretty simple: Just because someone is dressed up in costume, doesn’t mean you have any right to touch them, take their picture without consent, or harass them in any way. You have to treat them, you know, like any other human being. The panel also covered ways that you, as an observer of harassment, can help stop it. It’s too bad that such a thing needs to exist. While I think having this panel is a good idea, I think the only people who are likely attend are those who already agree with the message. I think it would be a better idea to run a little video or something before every celebrity Q&A in the big hall that conveys the message that cosplaying is not an invitation for harassment. That way, you reach a bigger audience, and maybe educate some people who really need it.

After even more walking around the convention floor (and not being able to acquire food due to the ridiculously long lineups at the far too few food vendors), we headed over to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Q&A session featuring Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi). While listening to both of them talk about their time on the show (and whatever else tickled their fancy… soccer for example came up a fair bit), it became clear that these two have done this sort of thing a million times, and that they have developed a great rapport with each other during that time. And what I really took away from the panel was that these two friends absolutely love each other. In the four years that this convention has existed, this may have been my favourite celebrity Q&A.



When the session was over, my friends and I left as fast as we could to get some food. Thankfully we beat everyone else to the makeshift food court and didn’t have to wait that long before buying our incredibly overpriced food (who doesn’t love a $7 chicken sandwich?).  Would it hurt to have some more food available?  I mean, just hire some food trucks or something.  Anyway, after eating, our little band started to dwindle, as people decided they had enough of the con. By the end it was just me and my buddy Adrian, taking in as much as we could before the day ended and we were forced to leave.

Before heading home, however, we went to what has quickly become my favourite thing to do at Ottawa Comiccon: BattleCOM! BattleCOM, for those of you not in the know, is like a stand-up comedy version of a rap battle, with a decidedly geeky twist. Nothing makes me happier than being able to judge people on their comedic talent (which I get to do at BattleCOM!). This year’s edition was as great as it’s ever been. That said, there were probably too many vibrator jokes for a room with 10 year olds, but whatever, a good time was had by all.

And that was the end of my second day at Ottawa Comiccon 2015. I was so exhausted, I was in bed and asleep before 10 PM. Do you know what was even better than getting to sleep before most young people have even gone out for the evening? My kid slept soundly the whole night. It. Was. Awesome.

What crazy adventures did I get into on my third day at the con? And more importantly, what did I spend all of my money on? You’ll just have to tune in next time to find out. Until then…



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