Funko Fight Club 2: TMNT Vs The Teen Titans Quarter-Finals

I promised you a very special category, didn’t I? Welcome to the quarter-finals of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs The Teen Titans Bracket! It’s a little known fact that the Ninja Turtles and Teen Titans have absolutely hated each other for years, and they are going to settle their decades-long dispute right here in Funko Fight Club 2!

If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here, but basically, this is a series of fights between Funko vinyl figures where you choose the winner. Previously, we saw Pennywise, Jules Winnfield, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Spock earn a spot in the Movies and TV Bracket Semi-Finals. You have until 9 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, July 10th to pick the winners of the battles below.

So here we go with the TMNT Vs Teen Titans Bracket Quarter-Finals of Funko Fight Club 2! Let the best figures win!

Donatello vs Cyborg

don cyborg

Speak softly and carry a big stick. That’s probably the best way to describe Donatello. But will a big stick be enough to take out all of Cyborg’s weapons (one of which is a laser that shoots out of his arm)? It just may be, given the guy holding the stick is also a ninja. Fun fact, did you know that in one incarnation of TMNT, Donatello was part robot, just like Cyborg? And did you also know that both of these combatants have genius level IQs? Looks like they have a lot in common. So who is going to make it to the next round?


Michelangelo vs Beast Boy

mike b boy

You know, if Beast Boy wanted to, he could probably turn himself into a big turtle and make the Ninja Turtles believe that he is a long lost brother. Then, he could take them all out when they least expect it. Too bad for him Michelangelo and his nunchucks are well aware of his presence. It’s too bad these guys can’t be friends. They would probably hang out and eat pizza. Oh well, looks like it’s time for them to fight!


Raphael vs Raven

raph raven

In this contest we see the two darkest members of each respective team take each other on. Raph’s rage may give him the edge he needs to take on Raven and her crazy super powers, but let’s hope for his sake that her dad doesn’t get involved. I mean, have you seen that guy? He’s got, like, a hundred pairs of eyes. Anyway, Raphael versus Raven: Who wins?


Leonardo vs Starfire

leo starfire

Leonardo is the most skilled fighter on TMNT, but it’s a good thing for him that he is going up against a version of Starfire that is more modest than the New 52 version. Have you seen her outfit in the New 52? It’s… distracting. Leonardo wouldn’t be able to concentrate. And neither would you in all likelihood. I mean, you would probably forget to vote.


Wait… what were we talking about?


So there it is, kids.  Vote now and come back tomorrow to see who makes it to the next round!


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