RESULTS – Funko Fight Club 2: Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals

The people have spoken and the winners of the Movies and TV Bracket Quarter-Finals have been chosen!

We had a tie in our very first bout, with both Rocketeer and Pennywise getting two votes each.  I of course voted for Pennywise, which means he will be moving on to the next round (because I am the decider in such situations).

Vincent couldn’t dance his way out of trouble this time.  He got his butt handed to him by Jules by a vote of 4 to 0.  Sorry Vinnie, it just wasn’t your day.

The power of Bill Murray wasn’t enough to overcome the sheer awesomeness of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, with the big guy beating Peter Venkman by 3 votes to 1.

And in the final contest, Spock Vulcan nerve-pinched Captain Kirk into submission, garnering 3 votes to Kirk’s single vote.

Tune in tomorrow to see the match-ups for the super top secret bracket!  Who will be fighting for our amusement?  Come back tomorrow to find out!



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