Chris Lackie – The Blog: Triumphant!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the triumphant return of Chris Lackie – The Blog!

I’ve thought long and hard on what the topic of this entry should be. I mean, with all that time away I can only imagine that the expectations for this post are extremely high. At the same time, I don’t want to rush into things and, you know, pull a muscle or something. So, in order to avoid making the wrong choice, I have decided to ease back into the proceedings by letting you the fans decide what topics will be covered in this post. That way, if this post sucks, it will be entirely your fault. That’s right, folks. It’s time to dig into the Mail Bag!


Chris, when you first started your blog you described a day in your life. Now that you have a baby, what is a typical day like for you? Do you still hang out with Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

Justin in Jakarta

Good question, JJ (a person who totally exists). Unfortunately Kareem and I had to put our regular game on hold once my son was born. But he knows that, as a licensed babysitter (I presume), he is more than welcome to watch my kid whenever he likes.

Anyway, here is a quick summary of a typical day now that I’m a father. To start, up until a week ago, I would wake up and shovel the snow out of my driveway (because it will not stop snowing in Ottawa – This place is seriously the worst). Otherwise, I basically spend all of my time staring at my son. I don’t want to miss anything cool that he may do. The other day, for example, he rolled over. I was incredibly proud. My wife and I both cheered, and he just laid there, puzzled as to what had happened and how one moment he was looking at the floor and then suddenly he was looking at the ceiling. We were doubly excited when we flipped him back onto his stomach and he rolled over again. He hasn’t done it since, though. I guess he’s going to rest on his laurels for a while.

One of the more impressive things my son does is while he’s lying on his stomach he lifts his head, arms and legs off the ground and just holds in that position for minutes. Have you ever tried to do that? It’s really hard, and my son does it like a champion. No big deal. He also blows raspberries. Again, like a champion.

In short, I pretty much sit around and watch my son do cool things like roll over, lift up his arms and legs, and spit.

I also time travel. No big deal.


Chris, please answer an age old comic book question: Who would win in a fight? Hulk or the Thing?

Boris in Borgholm

Hey BB (yet another person who is absolutely real), that’s a really stupid question. The answer is obviously Batman. I know what you’re thinking: That answer is so obvious! How did I not see it before? Well, you didn’t think of it because you’re not Batman. He’d win because he’s the best. And he’s a scientist. That’s gotta count for something.

Hey, sorry for saying your question was stupid, but sometimes the truth hurts.


Now that you have taken a break from writing your blog, presumably you are recharged and ready to start being creative again. Is there anything new and exciting that your fans can look forward to in the coming months?

Real Person in Real-Person-Ville, USA

Uh, is writing about movies and comics new and exciting? No? In that case, nope. I don’t have a single new thing planned. It’s going to be the same old stuff.


Something just occurred to me. Maybe I can make my blog seem new if I rebrand everything! That makes things better, right? Maybe every post will feature the tagline: Now with 35% more sarcasm! Or maybe I could go with: Now with a new fresh scent! Smells like awesome to me. Or maybe I’ll just give my blog a new hat or something. That’s it. Now we’re printing money.

Oh, I almost forgot! The blog may only have a new smell, but I have recently started something completely different. I’m happy to announce that my wife and I have started OUR KID IS ASLEEP!, a brand new monthly podcast! You can listen to the first episode here:

In the first episode, we talk about ourselves (we’re awesome), our son (he’s awesome), our pet peeves (stupid cats crapping in our garden), and we wrap things up with a chat about the advancements of vagina-related science (hehe… I said vagina).

You should give it a listen. There’s a chance you might like it.  And check out this sweet artwork that my wife designed for the show!


OUR KID IS ASLEEP! also has its own email and Twitter. You can email us at and find us on Twitter at @OurKidisAsleep. If you send us an email or a tweet, we’ll probably read it on the show. If you follow us on Twitter, we’ll probably follow you right back. So at the very least, following us on Twitter will get you one more follower. Who doesn’t want that?

Now, if everything goes according to plan, OUR KID IS ASLEEP! will available on iTunes in the near future. When that happens, there won’t be any reason for all of you not to subscribe to the podcast. It don’t cost nothin’ and you’ll make me feel good. It would hurt my feelings if you didn’t subscribe. I mean, you don’t want to hurt my feelings do you?

That’s it for now. I hope you’re as excited as I am for the return of Chris Lackie – The Blog!

Be excited, dammit!

Be excited!



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