Movies, Monsters and Murder

Happy (almost) Halloween you ghouls and goblins!  I hope everyone has picked out an appropriate costume for the upcoming All Hallows’ Eve.  And by appropriate, I mean sexy.  That’s what Halloween is for, right?  Well, not for me.  In my house, Halloween is all about watching horror movies and eating junk food.

This past weekend, my wife and I hosted our annual Halloween get together.  We had a bunch of people over to watch movies and play games (including a murder mystery).  But before the festivities officially began, I spent my Friday evening playing the new Batman: Arkham Origins game (I beat Killer Croc, no big deal… but if anyone has any tips on how to beat the tedium that is Deathstroke, let me know) and waiting for someone to come fix my furnace (he was supposed to show up between 4 and 8, but he didn’t show up until after 10.  It was a bit of a piss-off, but in the end the furnace was fixed, so I guess I can’t complain too much).

Anyway, it was a pretty great weekend.  Here is the list of movies we watched on Saturday:

Sleepy Hollow (the one with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, and more importantly, Christopher Walken, who does nothing but scream and growl)

My Bloody Valentine (in sweet green and red 3D!)

Thinner (eat your own pie)  

Sinister (kids are pure evil)

Jason X (yeah, the one where Jason goes to space)

After the movies, we had ourselves a 50’s barbecue murder mystery.  I was a leather jacket wearing mechanic who was secretly a KGB agent.  I had a sweet accent (that changed every time I spoke), and I don’t want to brag or nothin’, but I correctly guessed the murderer.  It was the beauty queen.  You can never trust the beautiful people.

After the murder mystery, we played a board game where a bunch of us teamed up to beat a pair of nine year old girls.  In your face little girls!    

Then on Sunday we watched one final horror movie:  It.  This movie reminds me why I hate clowns.  Stupid fucking clowns.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest you watch a horror movie this week, and of course, eat some candy.  Unless you’re diabetic.  In that case, just watch a horror movie.  But not Candyman.  You shouldn’t tempt yourself.

Happy Halloween!



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