The best blog post ever!

Hey there!  Welcome to another exciting blog post from the greatest blog in the history of the internet, Chris Lackie – The Blog!  This entry in the ongoing story that is my life is sure to amazing.  In fact, I am going to go ahead and say that it will be the greatest blog post that I, nay, anyone has ever made in the history of anything.

How can I be so bold you ask?  Well, as you know, a little while ago I created an email account ( so that you, the good people and fans of Chris Lackie – The Blog, could interact with your favourite internet personality:  Me.  I know for a fact that this week’s post is going to be the best ever because I am going to dig into what I can only assume is hundreds, dare I say maybe even thousands, of incredibly interesting, thought provoking, and gee-golly awesome emails sent to me by the best fans in the world.

Maybe I’ll even get to answer a question that has been keeping some super keen fan awake at night.  So exciting!

Okay, so without further ado, let’s get right to it.  Let me just open up the old inbox here, and…


No new emails.  There must be some mistake.  I must have logged into the wrong account.  Okay, let’s try logging out and logging in again…

I… I don’t understand.  Th-there are no emails.  N-no incredibly interesting, no thought provoking, no gee-golly awesome, no… anything.

Well, this is unexpected.  I mean, I just assumed that…


*cough* Ah-hem, that’s okay.  I can turn this around.  Chris Lackie is nothing if not adaptable.  I’ll just use my winning personality, quick wit and uncanny writing ability to come up with something fun and entertaining for you, the fans of Chris Lackie – The Blog.

Hrm… Uh…

Hey, did you know that there is a Star Wars exhibit in Ottawa?  Oh wait… of course you do… I talked about it last week.


Did I tell you about the time I was abducted by space aliens?  *Sigh* I did, didn’t I?

Alright, I need some content… new content… content, content, content…


Do you guys want to see a picture I took of myself?


Pretty great, right?  I mean, uh… yeah.

Sheesh, that was a bit of a dead end, wasn’t it?

You guys wanna talk about Batman?  Did you hear that Ben Affleck is going to play the Dark Knight in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel?  Of course you did.  Everyone heard about that.  But boy, people sure are mad, aren’t they?  Not me.  I think he’ll make a good Batman.

See?  There we go.  We got a little juice out of that story.

What else, what else?

The NFL season started this weekend.  Do you want to hear about my fantasy football team?  I’ve got Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers as my starting QB and Atlanta Falcons phenomenon Matt Bryant as my kicker.  Isn’t that awesome?  What?  You don’t care about my fantasy league?  Did I mention I’m the commissioner?  Still no interest?  Fine.

Um… How about that Miley Cyrus dancing like a skank-a-tron 9000 at the MTV video awards?  That was… something.

Pizza pie is very popular…


I dunno, folks.  I think I may have run out of things to talk about.  I hate the thought, but… maybe this is it.  Maybe this is the end of Chris Lackie – The Blog.  I mean, what point is there to continue when I have nothing left to say?

I… I guess I have a lot of thinking to do.


Next Time:  The End…?


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