RESULTS – Funko Fight Club: Movies Bracket Semi-Finals

The results are in, and let me tell you… they were surprising.

Each battle in the Funko Fight Club Movies Bracket Semi-Finals had 10 votes… And both ended in a tie.

Based on the Funko Fight Club rules I set out when this whole thing started, that means whoever I voted for goes on to the next round.  While I don’t like the idea of a single man deciding the fate of two democratic votes, it’s a little easier to swallow when I’m the one who gets to decide.  I am the decider!!!

Okay, so I am pleased to announce that the two figures who will move on the the Movies Bracket Finals are…






pause for dramatic effect…..





Thank you to everyone who voted.  In the Funko Fight Club final four, we will have Splinter vs Predator and Batman vs Wonder Woman.  Voting will start the morning of August 12th.  I hope everyone takes the next couple days to think long and hard about who they are going to vote for next week.  It will be the most important vote in the history of democracy.



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