Funko Fight Club: Movies Bracket Semi-Finals

Welcome to the Movies Bracket Semi-Finals of the Funko Fight Club!  If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here.  But basically, this is a series of fights between Funko vinyl figures where you choose the winner.  Previously, we saw Batman and Wonder Woman claw their way to the DC Comics Bracket Finals.  Now it’s time to see who will make it out of the second round of the Movies Bracket.  You have until 9PM Eastern Time on Friday, August 9th to pick the winners of the battles below.

So here we go with the Movies Bracket Semi-Finals of the Funko Fight Club!  Let the best figures win!

Splinter vs Robocop

IMG_2692 IMG_2488

In his previous confrontation, Splinter defeated a man who wears steel.  Now he is up against a man who is made of steel.  Can a mutant ninja rat defeat a machine with a soul (and a little bit of face skin)?  Only time (and you) will tell!

Jason Voorhees vs Predator

IMG_2483 IMG_2490

Jason Voorhees.  The Predator.  This is the movie the world (and my wife) wants to see.  Predator kills for sport, but can he kill a man who is already dead?  And how will Jason defeat something he cannot see?  And a third question:  Since Jason is already dead and clearly produces no body heat, will Predator be able to see him with his thermal vision?

There it is, folks!  Now is your chance to decide who will make it to the Funko Fight Club final four!  Vote now before it’s too late!



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