RESULTS – Funko Fight Club: Movie Bracket Quarter-Finals!

The results are in!  The people have spoken and here are the winners of the Funko Fight Club Movie Bracket Quarter-Finals!

We had two blowouts, as both Predator and Robocop got passed Alien and Hannibal Lecter, respectively, by a vote of 8 to 3.  Then we had two squeakers, as Jason channeled his dead mother to gain the strength to kill Freddy by a vote of 6 to 5, and then the Ninja Turtles’ Master Splinter narrowly defeated his arch-nemesis Shredder by the same margin.

This is fun.  Everyone is having a good time imagining little vinyl toys fighting each other, right?

Thank you to everyone who voted.  Here is a summary of the characters that will be appearing in the next round of Funko Fight Club!

DC Comics Bracket:

Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Rorschach

Movie Bracket:

Predator, Robocop, Jason Voorhees, Splinter

It’s a long weekend in this neck of the woods, so tune in on Tuesday, August 6th to check out the start of the Bracket Semi-Finals!



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