Funko Fight Club: DC Comics Bracket Quarter-Finals

Welcome to the beginning of the Funko Fight Club!  If you don’t know what this is, you can read up on it here.  But basically, this is a series of fights between Funko Vinyl Figures where you choose the winner.  You have until 9PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, July 31st to pick the winners of the battles below.

So here we go with the DC Comics bracket quarter-finals of the Funko Fight Club!  Let the best figures win!

Batman vs Joker


It’s a battle that has raged for ages: the Adorable Dark Knight versus the Crazy-Eyed Clown Prince of Crime.  Will Batman take the Joker down for good, or will the Joker finally get the better of the Caped Crusader?  You decide!

Rorschach vs Dr. Manhattan


Did you ever see that movie, Watchmen?  No?  That’s ok, a lot of people didn’t.  But you totally should because it’s pretty good.  Anyway, here is what you need to know.  Dr. Manhattan (the blue guy with the ripped abs) can make anything he thinks become a reality.  He can see through time and eviscerate a person with his thoughts.  He is pretty much a God.  Rorschach (the guy with the ink blot on his face) has purple pants and a journal (not pictured).  Who will win this one?  It’s a toss-up for sure.

Robin vs Green Arrow


The Boy Wonder takes on the Robin Hood-lookin’ guy who has his own show on the CW.  You ever see it?  It’s fine if you can get passed the emo characters and the occasional bit of sub-par acting.  But will having his own TV show (and a sweet blonde Van Dyke) help Green Arrow get passed Batman’s little buddy in Funko Fight Club?

Wonder Woman vs Catwoman


It’s the ladies’ turn as Wonder Woman takes on Catwoman.  Will Princess Diana of Themyscira use her Lasso of Truth to take down the Cat, or will Selina Kyle… uh… burgle herself a win?  Is burgling a thing?

So there it is.  Come back tomorrow for the results of the Funko Fight Club DC Comics Bracket Quarter-Finals!



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