Punching Kittens (and other fun ways to spend your Saturday)

Now before I get a bunch of letters from PETA (Pacifists for the Elliptical Tapering of Acrobats), I just want to say that I am not advocating the punching of cute, adorable kittens.  Nor am I suggesting that it’s okay to punch ugly kittens (although it’s probably a little more socially acceptable).  The title of this post is what we call in the business (the business of being awesome) a “lie to get your attention”.  Punching kittens is just plain wrong.  Just ask this guy:


Ok, enough with the jokes.  People are always stopping me on the street and saying “Chris, you’re a wild and crazy guy.  Your weekends must be legendary.  What should I do on Saturday to live the Chris-Life?”

Well guess what?  You’re right.  My weekends are legendary.  And now for the first time ever, I will share with you a few totally tubular things you can do to help you live the Chris-Life. 

Read a book

Put on your comfy pants and get yourself a good book.  In this photo, you can see I’m reading Essential Moon Knight: Volume 2, which is one of the all-time classics.  It’s up there with other great works like War and Peace, and the CAA Guide to Traveling in Saskatchewan.


Enjoy the outdoors

Take a moment to enjoy the wild blue yonder.  Whether it’s playing ball with the kids or just relaxing and letting the wind blow through your hair, spending time outdoors is a great way to spend a Saturday!


Do some gardening

If you want to spend some time outside, but don’t just want to sit and enjoy the weather, how about you give your green thumb a workout?  Not only will you get to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll get to make your home look a little prettier too.  In this photo, I’m helping my wife with some weeding.  Check out that rock garden!


Hey Hon, when you’re done with that can you get me a lemonade?  I’m feeling rather parched.

Go fishing

Nothing is more exciting than reeling in a monster fish.  So wake up early (about 11:30 or noon should do), get out to your nearest lake, river or stream and hook yourself a whopper!  Just make sure you have the necessary license first!


Hang out with some friends

Everything is more fun with a buddy, so how about inviting some friends over to join the festivities?  In the picture below, you can see me and my buddy Donnie laughing over a great joke he told.  I’d repeat it here, but it’s a little too racy for the internet (hint: it involves the stick he’s holding).


Play a board game

After you and your friends have finished catching up, it’s always a good idea to break out the board games.  As you can tell from the candid shot below, Donnie and his brothers and I are enjoying a little Monopoly.  Look out, Mikey!  Don’t land on Boardwalk!


Watch a movie

What do you do when the board game is done and the night is young?  Most people would tell you it’s time to put on your dancing shoes, hit the clubs and party down like it’s 1999.  I say no way!  The perfect ending to the perfect Saturday involves settling in to your favourite couch and watching Hollywood’s finest do their thing.  I like to end my Saturdays with a little classic called Old School.  That crazy Will Farrell.  When will he figure out that the gymnasium is the other way?


There you have it.  Do any one of my suggestions and you will have a fantastic day.  Do all of them and you’ll have the perfect Saturday.  Or should I say, puuuuuurrrfect. 

Hehe.  Cat humour.



I would like to thank my beautiful wife Sarah for helping with the photography.  Thanks Hon!


2 thoughts on “Punching Kittens (and other fun ways to spend your Saturday)

  1. Chris is a really Awesome Guy! Man . . I sure wish my life was as AWESOME as his. I hear he even married an Awesome girl and has super AWESOME in-laws. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY CHRIS and thanks for the laughs!

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