World’s Finest

Hello blog fans. 

Today I want to talk to you about an issue that is very close to my heart.  It’s a personal issue that I care very deeply about.  It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time researching and analyzing, and it’s something that the vast majority of you have asked me to discuss.  Of course, I can only be talking about one thing.  Today I will be talking about boobies women in comics.  Specifically, I would like to talk about a particular pair of boobies woman whose name is Kara Zor-L.  You may know her better as Karen Starr, or by her superhero name, Power Girl.

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about Power Girl (and I’m too lazy to look her up on Wikipedia), but what I have gathered is that she is a Superman’s cousin and has pretty much all of his powers.  I say “a” Superman’s cousin, because she’s related to the Superman of another Earth.  (For those uninitiated, in comics, there are always multiple Earths.)  So, being related to Stupidman (see what I did there?) and having all of his powers, plus being a woman, essentially makes Power Girl the exact same as Supergirl (in terms of powers anyway, I hear they have different personalities).  In fact, in the New 52, Power Girl is known as Supergirl on Earth-2.  The big (and I mean big) difference in powers between the two appears to be the additional weapons possessed by Power Girl.  I am of course referring to the two gauntlets of Kandor, granted to Power Girl by the ancient Kryptonian guardians who…. ah who am I kidding?  I’m talking about Power Girl’s breasts. 

Before the New 52, Power Girl wore a ridiculous white bathing suit with sleeves, gloves, and a hole cut out of the chest.  Here’s a picture:

Power Girl #27 - Page 1

That’s no joke.  That’s a real cover to a real Power Girl comic book.  Crazy, right?  Women in comics are often (if not always) drawn in skin tight clothing, and with ridiculous proportions, but even I think this is a little nuts. 

In the New 52’s World’s Finest comic, Power Girl teams up with Huntress, who is also from Earth-2, and they are stuck in the regular DC Earth after being caught in a Boom Tube, or a portal, or something like that.  Fun fact:  Huntress was known has Robin on Earth-2, and was the daughter of that Earth’s Batman and Catwoman!  In this book, Power Girl wears a full bodysuit, and there is no longer a hole in the chest of her costume.  It’s a little more reserved, but still sexy.

power girl 2 

It seems as though they were trying to take the focus off of her generous endowment and put it on her powers and her intellect, which are generous in themselves.  She’s got the powers of Superman and the brain of a genius.  And she’s like, stupid rich.  Now, don’t fret.  Just because Power Girl is covered up doesn’t mean you don’t get to see her Super Cleavage on a regular basis.  It seems like in every issue she either wears a revealing low-cut dress or bikini, or she gets blasted by some sort of clothes-disintegrator ray.  But still, she spends more time covered up than in her previous incarnations. 

However, in a recent issue, Power Girl went back to her classic, boobs falling out costume for no reason I can discern.  Finally, I thought.  Now I don’t have to wait until page 10 for her to get hit with a gamma ray, radiation blast, or nuclear bomb before I get to see her cleavage.  Now I get to see it beginning on page 1.  

I understand that some women actually appreciate how voluptuous Power Girl is.  She’s a character where a lot of humour is derived from the enormity of her chest, and some people can relate to someone who isn’t taken seriously because of their physical features.  And of course, men appreciate her voluptuousness for obvious reasons.

I think a lot of comic readers see a bit of themselves in Power Girl (hehe) and people will always want to be able to relate to whatever they read.  I completely understand wanting to see yourself represented in a comic book (I see it all the time when I read Batman!), but it seems like there is a lot to relate to and enjoy with Power Girl without needing her boobs to pop out of her costume.  And I know that most female character’s boobs pop out of their costume, but Power Girl’s outfit is specifically designed to do so (they literally put a boob window in her costume). 

In my opinion, putting Power Girl back in her original costume seems like a bit of a step backward in terms of this character’s development.  I mean, I know that just because a woman (even a fictional woman) is sexy doesn’t mean they should be taken less seriously than someone who is considered less attractive, but it seems like Power Girl already has so much going on for her, she doesn’t need to have her chest on display all the time. 

Not that I’m complaining.  Give the people what they want, I say.  And clearly what people want is more of Power Girl’s boobies. 

power girl bust

World’s Finest, indeed.    

Booby BAMPF!


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