My Deep Dark Secret


April Fools!  Bet you didn’t expect that, did you?  Don’t feel bad.  I’m very clever.  Anyway, I was away this weekend, so this post won’t be very long or original, but I plan on sharing something good(ish) in the next day or two.

In the meantime, isn’t the X-Files an awesome show?  I’m literally watching it right now.  What’s that?  A dead bank robber transferred his consciousness into a dying FBI agent?  Who could expect that?  Fox Mulder could, that’s who!

I forgot that this show started 20 years ago.  It’s age shows in the first season with Dana Scully rocking some fashionable 90’s pant suits.


No wonder lesbians like this show. 😉 

Another thing I’m really into is Garfunkel and Oates.  I got hooked after my wife showed me a bunch of their videos on youtube.  I downloaded their two albums last week (legally) and I have listened to them both about five times already.  It’s great stuff.  These are some funny ladies.  You’ll recognize them when you watch the video I’ve posted below.

That’s it for now.  I would talk about more stuff I like, but Mulder is about to kick some ass and rescue Scully.

Let’s go home.




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