I’d like to thank the Academy…


It’s the Oscars!  Everyone’s favourite time of the year.  By (un)popular request, here are my thoughts on this year’s ceremony. 

Opening monologue:

I think it’s funny that this year the Academy has decided that they are going to celebrate music in film. Didn’t they only have two nominations for best original song last year?  I also recall they recently had a year where there were only three songs nominated, and two of them were from the same movie.  Yup, that’s really celebrating music in film.

I thought Seth MacFarlane’s opening bit was pretty funny. Having William Shatner play Captain Kirk was amazing. Every awards show needs more Shatner. Then it’s followed up with a musical number about boobs?  Genius.  Pure genius. 

Now, on to the awards!  I apologize if I don’t discuss an award you were really excited about.  I don’t know what half of them are. 

Actor in supporting role:

Christoph Waltz wins again.  After winning two Oscars, he owes Tarantino a coke or something.  He was great in Django Unchained.  I would have been happy if Alan Arkin had won as well. I really dug him in Argo.  Come to think of it, I really dig him in a lot of things.  I think I may be an Alan Arkin fan.  Check it out, I just learned something about myself. 

Note: My wife just gave me a high five because a movie won that she has seen.  That doesn’t happen very often.

Animated short film:

Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy’s bit was kind of awkward. I get what they were going for, but I think it fell a bit flat.

The little bit of Paperman they showed during the listing of the nominations looked pretty good.  I may have to check it out at some point.

Visual effects:

I didn’t see Life of Pi, but how does this award not go to Avengers or Prometheus?  Say what you want about either of those movies (they were awesome and good, respectively), but how do sci-fi flicks not win this award every year?  Wasn’t the Pi movie about tigers on a boat?

Note:  Yes, I just admitted to liking Prometheus.  Don’t everyone yell at once.

Costume design:

Django Unchained should have got a nod for this.  Did you see Jamie Foxx’s blue suit?

Makeup and hairstyle:

How are Looper and Cloud Atlas not nominated for this?  Joseph Gordon Levitt was made up to look like a young Bruce Willis, and Cloud Atlas had Halle Berry as a Chinese man, among a hundred other things.  Even if you don’t like Cloud Atlas and thought that some of the makeup choices were bad (Doona Bae as Tilda didn’t work for me), you have to give that flick credit for going for it.  You would think the Academy would want to award risk instead of voting for the same thing over and over again, but clearly that’s not the case.

Documentary short:

Didn’t see any of them, but I did see a short doc on a Serbian town that decided to build a Rocky statue to attract tourists.  It was called Amerikan Idol.  Look it up.


Searching for Sugar Man wins.  When they said the title, I thought they were referring to the X-Men villain.  Boy was I wrong.  But think about it:  A documentary about someone searching for a Marvel character that no one cares about?  Maybe at some point they come across Lady Stilt-Man.  I should write this down…

This award was given out by Ben Affleck.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Affleck.  After all, he was the bomb in Phantoms.

Random musical interlude:

Whenever I see John Travolta I can’t not think about the Gay Ghost.  It’s so weird. Boo.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to listen to Hollywood Babble-on. http://smodcast.com/channels/hollywood-babble-on/

I completely understand why the cast of Les Miserables sang, but why are they doing musical numbers from movies that come out years ago?  These films and their music were already honoured in their own time. Shouldn’t they be honouring music from the films that came out this past year?  It feels like a slight against those artists who worked hard to create music for this year’s films.

Speaking of Les Mis, I would have given anything to have Hugh Jackman pop some claws in the middle of the song.  Snikt!

Did anyone else think it was weird that the orchestra was in a different building than the rest of the ceremony?  Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of having “live” music?  You may as well have the music playing off of a CD.

Best sound mixing:

I saw three of these movies, and I have no idea what would indicate that one had better sound mixing than the others.  I guess whatever it is, Les Mis had it.

Best sound editing:

A tie?  I say have the nominees arm wrestle to choose a winner, but I suppose that would be “undignified.”  Lame.

Actress in a supporting role:

Of all the nominees in this category, Anne Hathaway in Les Mis is the only performance I saw.  I can see why she won.  That lady can emote.  Also, she played Catwoman.  I’m all for Catwoman winning an award for something.  Now, if only Mystique can win for best actress in a lead role… 


Argo fuck yourself! (I hope you guys have seen Argo, or you’re all going to think I’m a jerk.)

Original score:

My favourite score this year was from Dark Knight Rises, but I’m biased.  I prefer bats in caves to tigers in boats.

Original song:

They added an original song to Les Mis?  Didn’t they already have a lot of songs to choose from?

Adapted screenplay:

Mo’ Argo!

Original screenplay:

Much like the makeup category (strange that makeup and writing would have so much in common!), I think Looper and Cloud Atlas should have been nominated in this category.  Of course Quentin should have won for Django Unchained, but Looper is such an original story and Cloud Atlas may be the most fascinating, ambitious movie I’ve ever seen, they should have at least been nominated.  Too bad sci-fi flicks don’t get the respect they deserve.


I didn’t see any of the movies in this category.  But I did see Hulk.  Based on that, Ang Lee shouldn’t have won this award.  Yes, I hold grudges.

Actress in a lead role:

Well done, Katniss/Mystique.  On the award, not falling up the stairs.  It happens to the best of us.  Now, can another X-Man win an award as well?

Actor in a lead role:


Best picture:

I would have picked Argo as well.  I think it’s an excellent film.  I saw this film before I learned about the historical inaccuracies and the “slight” against Canada by making it seem like our officials were on the sidelines while the Americans ran the whole show.  Even after all that, my enjoyment of this film has not been diminished at all.  My thought is this:  If they wanted to make a movie about Canadian officials saving Americans on the run, the movie would never have been made.  Sometimes tweaks to history need to be made in order to tell a story worth telling. And besides, it’s just a movie. The real heroes know who they are.  They don’t need Hollywood (or movie goers) to tell them they’re great.

So, there are my thoughts.  I’m sorry if you found it boring. I am of course referring to the awards show, not this blog entry.  Everything I write is pure gold.




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