Chris Lackie – The Blog – The Mail Bag!

Letters… we get letters… we get sacks and sacks of letters…

I’m international! Turns out I have fans (or people who accidentally stumbled on this page while looking for funny pictures of cats) in the Philippines (thanks Clara!).

Anyway, since my blog has become an internet sensation (in some small part because of you guys, but mostly due to my awesomeness), I thought it would be a good idea to dig into the mail bag and answer some of your questions.  So without further delay…

Q. Chris, I’m a huge fan, and I would never question anything you do, but why is your blog called “Chris Lackie – The Blog”?  Why not just call it “My Blog”?

Well, huge fan, it’s called “Chris Lackie – The Blog” to distinguish it from the other aspects of my life, such as “Chris Lackie – The Person”, “Chris Lackie – The Motion Picture”, and “Chris Lackie – The Broadway Musical”.  Fun fact about the musical, last year Nathan Lane was nominated for a Tony for playing my Dad!  Thanks for your letter, huge fan.  Don’t ever question me again.

Q. Hi Chris! I think you’re great!  How can I be more like you?!?!

You can’t.  I’m pretty spectacular.  And handsome.

Q. In your last post you said you like comics. Aren’t comics for kids?  Are you some sort of idiot manchild?

No.  I’m awesome.  You’re an idiot manchild for not liking comics.  And no, comics aren’t for kids.  If they were, I wouldn’t spend all my money on them.

Q. So, what? You like Archie or something?

No, Archie is for kids.  And for gingers who need a role model.

Q. Didn’t you just say comics aren’t for kids?  Sounds like you just talked yourself into corner.

Yeah, well, maybe I… you’re a… shut up.

Q. If you don’t like Archie, what kind of comics do you read?

Mostly superhero stuff… Batman, Spider-Man, that kind of thing.  But not Superman.  That guy is super lame.  They should call him Super Lame Man.  Hehe. Get it?  See what I just did there?  That’s called comedy.  You’re welcome.

Q. You look at drawings of dudes in tight costumes fighting other dudes in tight costumes?  Are you gay?

My boyfriend doesn’t think so.

Q. That wasn’t funny.

I disagree.  I am also starting to think it’s weird that the last six letters I looked at seemed to be part of some ongoing dialogue.

So I think that about wraps it up.  Thank you all for making “Chris Lackie – The Blog” the most popular thing on the internet.

Let’s go home.



3 thoughts on “Chris Lackie – The Blog – The Mail Bag!

  1. It’s sort of weird you can tell I looked at your blog! Guess I shouldn’t check it obsessively every day because you’ll know it’s me being creepy… but now I’m in Vietnam. Whoops shouldn’t have mentioned that! Anyway your blog is funny. I like it.

    • It’s always possible that someone from else from the Philippines looked at it, but I took an educated guess. We’re you in Taiwan or something afterwards? Someone read from there too.

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