Chris Lackie – The Blog – The Introduction

People (never) ask me, Chris, why don’t you have a blog? 

My response is always the same:  I have nothing interesting to say.

Well, that’s still true, but it’s late, I’m tired and the part of my brain that would normally tell me that starting a blog is a terrible idea and that I am never going to keep up with it isn’t functioning at the present time.  So guess what?  BAMPF! Blog!

Now, you’re probably (not) saying to yourself, Chris, why should I take time out of my busy day to read your (pointless and dumb) blog?

Well, my response to that is:

1. I’m cool

2. I used to have a blog when I was in university and other people read it.  I posted great things like “I like grilled cheese!”

3. My mom doesn’t think I’m cool, which I’m pretty sure means I’m actually cool.  Or it could I’m really not cool.  Either way, I’ll probably complain about my mother, which should be fun.

4. I’ll probably write the word BAMPF alot.

So, in short: I’m cool (but not in my mother’s eyes), other people (sort of) like me, and BAMPF!

Here is a taste of the sort of genius you’ll get if you read my blog:

I just realized that Micro-Nipples (from Community) is on NCIS: Los Angeles.  Even with LL Cool J, Robin and Micro-Nipples, I still have no desire to watch that show.

BAMPF! See? Brilliant.  You’re welcome universe.

Anyway, I like comics, movies and other things that I can’t think of right now, so I’ll probably write about them at some point.  I hope you like reviews of comic books that go something like this:

“Batman #17 was awesome.  Anyone who didn’t like it is dumb.”

There it is.  My plan is to update this regularly, but knowing me, this will probably be my last post.  It’s been fun while it lasted.  Thanks for sticking with me.




2 thoughts on “Chris Lackie – The Blog – The Introduction

  1. This is great success. I will lend you a hint for some of the best writing ever. You should finish one, some, or all of these posts with “Lets go home”, the *best* way to end anything. Ever. Now, lets go home!

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